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    Safe and reliable long and short Haulage, Bulk and bagged Warehousing, Clearing and Forwarding, Bulk Cargo Handling, Air Cargo Services

Shreeji Enterprises (Kenya) LTD, based in Nairobi and Mombasa – Kenya provides safe and reliable long and short Haulage, Bulk and bagged Warehousing, Clearing and Forwarding, Bulk Cargo Handling, Air Cargo Services ETC for general and specialized cargo to a diverse industry segment like steel, cement, food and many more in the East African Region.

Surface Transportation


Shreeji Enterprises provides long transportation services in the East African market for both General Cargo and Specialized Cargo. Shreeji emphasizes on maintaining a clear understanding of their customer’s needs and requirements and have built a platform on which it operates its efficient and reliable transportation services where its customers know their cargo is handled by a proficient and well organized service provider. Many have attempted our approach, but none have achieved the success we have accomplished in increasing our original asset based organisation and accurate understanding of the needs and requirement in this industry across the East African Region.

We operate our company owned vehicles fitted with GPS Tracking systems which ensures safe and reliable movement of our client’s cargo and ensure timely delivery.

We are currently serving most of the steel mills in Kenya hauling their cargo directly from the ship with our uniquely structured Direct Loading Service, to their respective warehouses. We also serve the grains industries directly from their bulk storage warehouses at the coastal region into the capital city (Nairobi) and up country. Our Haulage solutions synergized together with our Direct Loading Services provide a uniquely combined solution to our customers who import their cargo from various other countries.



Shreeji has invested heavily in State of the art warehousing facilities in order to better serve its client by quick turn-around times and effective maintenance of stock. Special handling equipment and IT infrastructure ensures the superior handling and safety of cargo to ensure all cargo is delivered to its clients as expected.

Clearing & Forwarding

We provide our clients with clearing and forwarding services to better enable us cater the needs of our client in a more time effective fashion. Providing this service also enables our clients to obtain a one stop solution for all its logistics requirements and being assured of high standards of service at all times.

Port Services

We offer various services at the Port of Mombasa:

  • Direct Loading of Bulk cargo
  • FCL
  • LCL
  • Loose Cargo
  • Oversized Cargo

Shreeji has introduced a mobile office with integrated systems and trained personnel to manage the timely delivery of cargo. This enables us deliver cargo efficiently and to update clients on the status of their cargo.

Air Freight


Shreeji provides a combined solution for clients to uplift cargo from various points of origins around the world and have it delivered to their desired location through our aviation division. With various partners from around the globe, we are able to offer airfreight services from where ever our client’s require.

Door to Door Services


With the combination of all our services, we are able to provide our customers door to door services for Bulk, FCL & LCL from various parts of the world to their door step in East Africa. We have maintained good working relations with major partners to ensure affordable and timely services to our customers.